Welcome to Press Gang Printmakers

IMG_3893The Press Gang printmaking group is part of Noosa Shire Arts and Crafts Association (NASCA). We have a small workshop studio  at  at Wallace House in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Members include beginners, emerging artists and professional and experienced printmakers. Equipment available in the studio includes a medium sized etching press, a small portable etching press, screen printing equipment and a small library. The skills and interests of members are diverse. Helping each other and in-house workshops are a feature of the group and group exhibitions are held from time to time. Having fun and sharing ideas are our priorities.

Membership is open to anyone living in the Northern part of the Sunshine Coast. All members of the group must become members of NSACA, although visitors are welcome to come and try before they make up their minds. Membership of the Press Gang is $10 per annum. Members pay $2 to the group (for materials and equipment upkeep) and $2 to Wallace House each time they attend.

The Press Gang studio is a small space and operates as a non-toxic environment, so the use of solvents, strong acids etc on-site is discouraged. New members are asked to undergo an introductory session before they use the press unsupervised.

Offical meeting day for the group is Wednesday morning 9-12 noon, but members are free to use the studio any time Wallace House is open.

Enquiries can be made through NSACA (07 54741211) or by email to press_gang@yahoo.com.au

Workshop and activity notices will be posted on this blog.

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